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The entire program is governed by nine members Governing Council under the chairmanship of Campus Chief. The Governing Council is responsible to oversee the entire academic and students affairs and recommending to Campus administration for policy reforms for the welfare of the program. The existing members in the council include:

Prof Jeevan Kumar Bhattarai, PhD (Campus Chief)               Chairperson

Assistant Prof Puspa Raj Ojha                                                      Assistant Campus Chief

Prof Jyoti Pandey                                                                             Member

Prof Fatta Bahadur K.C., PhD                                                       Member

Prof Sushil Bhakta Mathema, PhD                                             Member

Associate Prof Ganesh Prasad Pathak                                      Member

Associate Prof Biraj Pyakurel                                                     Member

Assistant Prof Rajesh Gurung                                                     Member

Associate Professor Sunil Amatya                                             Member Secretary

MBM Research Committee

Associate Prof Sunil Amatya                               Chairperson

Prof Fatta Bahadur K.C.                                        Member

Prof Sushil Bhakta Mathema                               Member

Associate Prof Ganesh Prasad Pathak              Member

Assistant Prof Rajesh Gurung                              Member Secretary


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