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MBM program is two year semester program. The course has been divided into four categories: core, concentration, elective courses, and research project. The core courses in the MBM program is anchored by 13 required, rigorous and integrated course modules with 39 credit hours that promote a general-management perspective and that provide a framework for the more function-specific courses that follow. The core course modules are as follows:

Course Cycle

Semester I                                                                                                   15 Credit Hours

MGT 511 Emerging Concepts in Management                                  3 Cr. Hrs

STT 511 Statistics and Computer-assisted Data Analysis              3 Cr. Hrs

ACC 511 Managerial Accounting and Control                                    3 Cr. Hrs

ECO 511 Managerial Economics                                                            3 Cr. Hrs

MGT 515 Organizational Behavior                                                        3 Cr. Hrs

Semester II                                                                                                  15 Credit Hours

ECO 512 Global Economy and International Business                   3 Cr. Hrs

FIN 511 Financial Management                                                             3 Cr. Hrs

MKT 511 Strategic Marketing Management                                       3 Cr. Hrs

MGT 514 Human Resource Management                                            3 Cr. Hrs

OPM 511 Operations and Supply-Chain Management                      3 Cr. Hrs

Semester III                                                                                                 15 Credit Hours                                  

RES 511 Business Research Methodology                                           3 Cr. Hrs

MGT 512 Sectoral Management Elective I                                           3 Cr. Hrs

CON 511 Concentration I                                                                          3 Cr. Hrs

CON 512 Concentration II                                                                        3 Cr. Hrs

CON 513 Concentration III                                                                       3 Cr. Hrs

Semester IV                                                                                                 15 Credit Hours

MGT 513 Business Environment and Corporate Governance       3 Cr. Hrs

MGT 516 Strategic Management and Leadership                             3 Cr. Hrs

MGT 517 Sectoral Management Elective II                                         3 Cr. Hrs

RES 512 Research Project                                                                        6 Cr. Hrs


The concentration course modules help students to develop specialized and focused knowledge and skills in the areas of their choice. Students are required to select three courses from any one of the concentration areas offered by the University. The concentration courses offered are in the areas of banking and finance, applied marketing, small business and entrepreneurship, and IT management.

Banking and Finance

FIN 512 Financial Systems in Nepal

FIN 513 Investment Analyses and Portfolio Management

FIN 514 Financial Institutions and Markets

FIN 515 Money and Capital Markets

FIN 516 Performance Management and Control

FIN 517 Marketing of Financial Services

FIN 518 Treasury Management in Banks

FIN 519 Special Topics in Banking

Applied Marketing

MKT 512 Consumer Behaviour

MKT 513 Advertisement and Sales Promotion

MKT 514 Services Marketing

MKT 515 E-Marketing

MKT 516 Fundamentals of Rural Marketing

MKT 517 Sales and Distribution Management

MKT 518 Strategic Brand Management

MKT 519 Special Topics in Applied Marketing

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

MGT 512  Small Business Entrepreneurship

MGT 513 Innovations and Product Development                                         

MGT 514 Small Business Finance                                                                      

MGT 515 Rural Marketing                                                                      

MGT 516  Retail Management                                                                            

MGT 517 Social Entrepreneurship

MGT 518 Business Plan for New Venture Development

MGT 519 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship Development         

Information and Technology Management

ITM 512 Management Information System

ITM 513 Business System Analysis and Design

ITM 514 Decision Support System

ITM 515 Management of Information Technology

ITM 516 Balanced Business Scorecard: Principles and Methods

ITM 517 E-Commerce

ITM 518 Business Intelligence

ITM 519 Special Topics in Information Technology Management

Elective Courses: Sectoral Management 

Students have great flexibility in choosing from a wide variety of sector-focused elective courses offered by the University. The colleges of the University may also design courses of their own choice and relevance in consultation with the Dean and the Subject Committee. Elective course modules, which are introduced rapidly and are updated regularly, reflect the newest ideas, trends, and thinking in sectoral and applied business. Students may select any two course modules from the following courses as sectoral management electives:

MGT 550 Agribusiness Management

MGT 551 Commercial Bank Management

MGT 552 Travel and Tourism Management

MGT 553 Insurance and Risk Management

MGT 554 Micro-finance and Entrepreneurship

MGT 555 E-Business

MGT 556 Management of Sustainable Rural Development and Project Management

MGT 557 Foreign Trade Management and Practices

MGT 558 NGO Management and Development


RES 512 Research Project 


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