Tribhuvan University

Faculty of Management

Nepal Commerce Campus

General Information


The regular program shall be completed in eight semesters. The internal (on-going) evaluation/examination shall carry 40% and the external (semester) examination shall carry 60 percent weightage. Internal evaluation consists of students' attendance, discipline, quiz, class participation, class test, assignments, seminar/workshops and others as prescribed by the faculty members. The semester examinations shall be conducted by FOM. In order to qualify to appear in the semester examination, one must pass internal examinations securing at least 50 percent marks in each course. He/she must pass both the exams separately.


For imparting theoretical and conceptual knowledge, the general teaching pedagogy will include class lectures, group discussion, learning through case studies and role play, practical exercises, laboratory work, project work, term papers, internship, etc. The teaching learning process shall be focused on preparing students to face professionally the challenges emerging out of the changing business environment. The teaching faculty will determine effective teaching methodology according to the needs of the course.

Make-up  Examination

In case of failure in one or more courses in the semester examinations, the student can appear in make-up examination in the subsequent semester. Student can appear only on two courses (6 credit hours) in the make-up examination.

First Term & Pre-semester Examination

Before each semester examination, the campus conducts a first term and pre-semester examination. Students failing in the Pre-semester examination will not be allowed to sit in the semester examination.



At least 80% attendance is a must to be eligible to appear in the semester examination.

Grading Policy

In order to pass the internal and external examination, student must secure a minimum of 50% (Grade Point 2.7). Similarly, to pass the semester examination, student must secure a minimum of Grade B or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 (or 60%).