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Message From The Campus Chief

For more than 50 years, Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC) has been imparting general and professional management Bachelor and Master Level Program under the umbrella institution of Tribhuvan University. We have at present more than 6000 students studying in different programs, catering through quality and flexible learning. As a family of Tribhuvan University, NCC has built up reputation in the country for its academic distinction in teaching and research activities.

NCC has been successfully running the Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Business Management (BBM), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), and Master in Business Studies (MBS) program. The performances of our students have been our strengths to enhance the ever-growing goodwill to the market.

Our awards have earned wider and enviable recognition throughout the country for the quality and value that the students treasure in their minds the academic rigor and cutting-edge research undertaken within the college. We have got here an opportunity to introduce Master of Business Management (MBM) program that develops the core business skills, business leadership qualities enabling you to come out as an able entrepreneur. You can call yourself highly fortunate and privileged assuming the role of a trailblazer and integrating yourself for the first time in MBM program.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of well experienced, skillful, and well-educated faculty and community of students and wish you in advance every bit of success in your endeavors at NCC,

- Professor Jyoti Pandey Campus Chief


Message from Director

We are a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to discovering and sharing knowledge in the Held of management. We are excited to be offering a comprehensive suite of educational programs under the MBM brand, which is nationally recognised as synonymous with excellence, rigour, and relevance.

Students of the MBM Program from past and presents have repeatedly demonstrated their dedication to knowledge and education that is always accompanied by their passion to contribute in the professional world, particularly in the field of management. Studentship of this program has always been viewed as a privilege that is often balanced with the associated challenges of the need to perform exceptionally well not only in the coursework but also in the advanced form of course activities such as project work and seminars. By striking the balance between provision of encouragement and support we have always been successful in helping our students enjoy the privilege of the MBM affiliation while building their educational capabilities at the same time.

With the changing global scenarios and the country's new development strategies, higher demands have been placed on management theories and practices. To successfully meet these requirements, management education of today needs to have a broadoutcome-based outlook, and be intrinsically rigorous and bold. Further, new ideas, new products and new organisational models of today demand new insights, tools and responses. As a director, I believe that our MBM program is suitably designed to meet these contemporary needs of our current and prospective students.

Our promise is to enable our students to challenge themselves, so as to help them develop to their utmost potential. We believe that students benefit the most through interactive learning approaches and therefore have tailored the MBM program in a way that promotes partnership and collaborative work among students, academics and the industry.

We have a talented and energetic community of teachers and students, each of whom brings his or her own perspectives, experiences and ideas to the study and understanding of the management. There is a great quality of life enjoyed by our students and staff. We offer a compact, safe and vibrant university campus with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

As director of the Program, I am privileged to enjoy collegial and lively interactions with our students and faculty on a daily basis. This is not only intellectually uplifting, but also truly enjoyable. For those of you that are considering the MBM Program at the Nepal Commerce Campus, I do hope that you will make it your academic home.

Best wishes.

- Prof Jeewan Kumar Bhattarai, PhD Program Director


Message from Deputy Director

Dear Students and Parents!

A very warm welcome to Master of Business Management (MBM) Program!

It gives me an immense pleasure of sharing a few words about a highly acclaimed Master of Business Management (MBM) Program and it makes me feel proud to be associated with. What I feel from this desk is to reach towards our destiny 'Leading toward the ranking business school in area,.through our mission and objectives remained under both opportunities and challenges. Yes, there is no doubt that MBM is a newly established research focused program. It attempts to unlock the enormous potentiality inherited within the students so that they will be capable to make in-depth analysis of the contemporary issues arising in the societies. This program is designed to develop the students as responsible management professionals to cater the need of modern society, which is characterizes with fast growing and innovative business areas at local and international levels. It also stands with a number of challenges in understanding the course contents, maintaining high degree of motivation amongst the students throughout the journey of arranging teaching resources and balancing academic and non-academic activities.

With these in minds, MBM program at Nepal Commerce Campus brings diversity in teaching learning process. We follow the wide range of teaching pedagogies and other activities in calendar basis for effective delivering. We frequently offer guest lectures by inviting personalities from different fields with the aim of making the students familiar with real life settings so that they will gain an advanced knowledge in the chosen subject areas which we feel, otherwise, not possible in the regular classes. The workshops and seminars, on the other hand, allow the students the opportunities to participate in group discussions, familiarize them with practical skills, techniques, and ideas that are supposed to be helpful in their daily lives.

Our teaching pedagogy also follows the case studies so as to expose the students with chunks of reality into the classrooms and to make them realize the gap between theoretical issues discussed in academy with real practices at workplace. Different roles played by the students can add variety in teaching learning process. It creates fun and motivates them to express themselves with forthright way. Organizing a series of purposive field visits provide students the opportunities to participate in different activities during the trip as well. The follow-up activities at class-rooms after the completion of visits and report writing thereof further strengthen their knowledge and skills.

Entire activities in the program are framed and operated on a scheduled basis through a common academic calendar, which we design in every beginning of Fall and Spring semester session. The calendar is vitally important in reminding students and faculties about the time table of regular classes, non-credit classes, exam schedules, field visits, and holidays. Moreover, the faculties are developing course plans, assignments and teaching materials supporting students' learning that cover what the faculties and the program want their students to learn and excel in the field.

There is a frequently asked question from the parents and students that what next after MBM? We confirm that MBM program bridges our new potentials that give the students the full extent of confidence and cheerfulness to enter a new journey of real world of their professional career. Completion of the program brings renewal life in the students gearing up career as teaching professionals, bankers, entrepreneurs, employees at NGOs and INGOs, and much more.

Last but not the least, the diligence, devotion, and dedication from students and parents, faculties, staff, and the people in communities are pillar of success and glory of our institution. I wish you all the best for your journey of successful career!

- Rajesh Gurung


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