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The society of the 21st century is awash with the effects of globalization, both in the economic sphere, and in information flows. The developments brought by globalization have been accomplished by many ways of information management. Overwhelming information in industrial and commercial arenas is desperately requiring efficient and effective systems for managing information to ensure order and equity in the society. The urgency of creativity, innovation, passion and compassion among the youths of today only help to make this world better place to leave for coming generation. Assuming a partial responsibility of making this world really a suitable place for future generation, Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Nepal Commerce Campus has offered this Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program.


The program is designed to: 

Prepare IT professionals proficient in the use of computers and computational techniques in order to develop effective information systems to solve real life problems in the organizational milieu. Develop students' skill in object oriented software design methods and data management systems.  Provide professional training to students by combining information technology with managerial skills and   Prepare students to proceed on to postgraduate level study in information management within and outside the country.


Message from Director


 Dear Students,

This is my immense happiness to welcome you all enthusiastic youths who are eager to pursue your career in BIM and BBA-F programs at NCC. BIM program is designed to enhance students' knowledge on information and technology related to management, and BBA-F Program aims to produce smart financial performers.

 As we know that in modern days; management as a discipline, cannot remain completely isolated from the global influences of information technology. Moreover, BIM program aims to produce those scholars who can meet the criteria of knowledge-based economy by equipping them with modern and latest forms of information technology. Similarly, BBA-F has the objectives to produce financial experts who are demanded in the present job market. 

To fulfill these needs, we have senior professors and faculties along with round the clock hardworking staff who are always available to provide the best possible services with full attention, friendly behavior and dedication. 

The programs consist of wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to develop the personalities of students. The programs motivate the learners to build positive attitude with the objectives widening the horizon of the students. I warmly invite to all the interested scholars to experience a well developed learning environment of BIM & BBA-F programs.


Surya Devkota

BIM, Director

BIM Course Structure