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BBM Programme is designed to address national and international needs of management education with the aim of developing efficient and capable manpower for business, government and social sectors. The course is designed to ensures a greater degree of flexibility that allows incorporating latest development of theory and practice in management around the globe. This Programme is based on semester system, which covers 4 years: spread over eight semesters. Each semester consists of 16 weeks of intensive study. The Program covers 120 credit hours. The curricular structure includes business tool courses, business foundation courses, information technology courses, core focus area courses and elective area courses as well. Teaching methodology of the Program is focused on problem-based learning along with interactive lectures, students' presentations, case studies, projects and industrial visits. The teaching faculty shall determine the appropriate teaching-learning methods for each course.


  • Develop students' skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication, and gain understanding of operations and change.
  • Develop students' understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operations in a dynamic business environment.
  • Prepare students for professional life to work as business manager and entrepreneur.

Message From Director



Dear Prospective Students,

Management education has reached a point where passivity is no longer an option. The sacred vibration of NCC encourages you to feel the unique experience of quality learning in a multi-dimensional and participatory manner where you too shape the process of teaching and learning. BBM program as a direct response to the demands and needs of professional education worldwide, for progressive as well as creative and innovative education which is directly linked or tied to the entrepreneurship development and Business Management. Consequently we are able to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are relevant to the global job market. That's why NCC Kathmandu has been the meeting point of new ideas and best academic practices. Our ongoing effort to excel and to succeed has trapped an epic of success in an academic glories, leadership, and impressive placements. Our high achievers beautify NCC as well as our parents, employers and guest faculty who teach our students and inspire them. Since, we are able to ensure the delivery of uncompromised high quality programs at significantly affordable fees that could be accessed by every Nepalese family. NCC is creating huge pool of prospective students from all over Nepal that makes us "the melting pot of diverse cultures of Nepal". We accomplish this through the optimal and unified integration of latest technology into our enrollment and admissions processes, delivery of learning, administration of assessment tasks, reporting of evaluation results, and facilitation of two-way communication among students, faculty, and members of the administrative staff. Remember, for any learning to become successful, the learner must take an active role in the learning process, and actively engage in the process of critical and creative thinking, while constructing and re- constructing existing ideas, concepts, and worldviews. .We at NCC, wish to create innovators of ideas, not mere reflectors of other people's ideas.


 Astha Karki

BBM, Director 

BBM Course Cycle