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BBA (Finance) is an industry-focused program. It is built on the foundations of management and allied courses, finance core courses and finance specialization and elective courses. It also offers students enough opportunity to understand real market situation through research, project works and internship. The program is also designed to equip students with multiple skills such as interpersonal, technological, analytical, and decision making skills. Further, it is designed to develop holistic personality of students enabling them to succeed in professional, personal and social lives. With a BBA (Finance) degree, students will be prepared to succed on career path fulfilling their responsibility towards the business and the society in a rapidly changing domestic and global environment. Students attending this course will earn 120 credits, administered in eight semesters spread over four years, and create foundation for academic advancement and professional excellence.

 Message from Director


Dear Students:

I am highly delighted to express some of my views and experiences as a Director of BBA-F Program in NCC. We all know that NCC has become a popular brand in the field of management studies for its academic excellence in teaching and other research activities.

It is acknowledged that BBA-F as a program, has more demand nowadays than other course as students can acquire better jobs in reputed companies after the completion of their degrees. The program delivers an education on theory and the use of financial analysis. It aims to produce financial experts who can have better job opportunities in the present job market.

Financial analysis is useful in all settings where decisions have to be made about how to manage wealth, assets, or money based on expectations about future.

To achieve these goals, we have a team of friendly instructors and other faculty members who are constantly available for solving the curiosities and problems of our valued learners.

Therefore, I am much eager to welcome you all to BBA-F Program, NCC and wish you every success in your endeavor.


                                                                                                                                                      Bharat Rai 

BBA-F, Director

Objectives of the Program

The objective of this program is to prepare students to be competent for mid-level careers in finance industry within and outside the country. The program aims at creating a sound academic foundation for advanced studies in the field of management in general and Finance in particular. In addition, it also aims to prepare professionals to be responsible and responsive to the demands of the society. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • enable students to acquire knowledge on core functional areas of management and allied subjects,
  • enable students to acquire relevant skills from allied subjects for managerial application, 
  • enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge on key sectors of financial activities such as corporate financial management, banking, insurance, and capital market and investment,
  • inculcate enquiring attitude and develop research skills for innovation, and adoption to ever- changing business environment through research, seminar and practicum, and
  • inculcate positive attitude and ethical values among students to develop them as responsible finance professionals and better citizens.

 It is believed that the attainment of these program objectives will contribute to the ultimate objectives of the Faculty of Management - educating students for professional pursuit in business, industry and government

BBA- F Course Cycle